About Watch Me Apparel

Watch Me Apparel is a unique brand with a story that sets it apart from its competitors. It was created with the goal to inspire and motivate those who are too afraid to take the infamous “leap of faith.” Watch Me Apparel is a movement that will influence those who have obstacles to not only overcome them, but reach them. With each generation, it has become harder to be involved in what we truly are passionate about due to the fact that we are simply told we cannot do so.

That is why, when you wear our brand, you are making a promise to yourself that you will succeed and let your success make the noise. Tell those who doubt you, Watch Me!

About CEO and Founder:

Julio Suarez, the CEO and Founder of Watch Me Apparel has a unique story on why the company was created. Julio has always been pursuant on his goals and like many, he wanted to help those who needed motivation to do so. He grew up playing soccer and had the ambition to one day become a professional soccer player. He had the winning mentality and had joined top soccer clubs in Southern California playing alongside nationally ranked players. At a very young age, Julio received college offers from top D-1 schools but unfortunately those dreams were cut short when he suffered an Achilles tear injury that required him to get surgery and lose all college offers.

He attended Concordia University, Irvine with a soccer scholarship where he played four years of collegiate soccer. While in college he became a personal trainer where he met people that had different goals in life, not just fitness. He became very passionate on helping people in the fitness industry. He Graduated with a Bachelors in Business and pursued his career in Accounting. While working for a private company, his career was cut short when he unexpectedly got laid off. With no answer and no direction, he wanted to continue helping others and wanted to start his own company but was always told to stick to the status quo and find a job that would help pay his bills. He went against all odds and pursued his dream to start his brand that will show those who at one point or another that have been told they cannot do something.

Watch Me was created, and with this, Julio plans on starting a movement and help those to pursue whatever they are passionate about.